My Hobbies and Interests

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My Hobbies and Interests

Watching Crime Shows

This is what sparked my interest for criminology and law-- which explains why I was originally an AB Political Science student in my freshman year. There is something about criminology that makes me ask infinite questions. What is it about the suspect's upbringing that made he/she commit such a crime? What were the victim's thoughts as they were went through the traumatic situation?

Playing the Guitar

It started when I picked up my dad's guitar at home. I was completely clueless and frustrated because I would stare at it for years not knowing how to give dimension to the tunes and sounds of just 6 strings. So I learned how to play Blackbird by The Beatles and my love for playing the guitar grew ever since.

Walking My Dogs

Where I live, the community is, thankfully, very dog-friendly and people of different nationalities go and walk their dogs in dog parks. Not only do I get to bond with my dog, but I am in touch with nature and I get to converse with various people, picking up very interesting stories about their furry friend.

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