My Favorite Places

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My Favorite Places


I am very lucky to call BGC my home. BGC is a city filled with literally everything and anything, constantly developing and improving its community and establishments. I love BGC because I can walk around and feel safe. When I walk the streets of this city, I forget about my phone and gadgets and I feel connected to both nature and city life at the same time.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a very beautiful and magical place for me. This was actually the first ever place I went to abroad, so that in itself made it a very memorable experience. I spent hours walking along the streets of its different areas. Whether through train, tram, car, or by foot, I smelled, tasted, experienced Hong Kong and its culture in every possible way.

The Farm

My friend's farm, which I have only recently visited, was a very beautiful place as well. As you can tell, I am very attached to nature. And here, I was completely surrounded. With horses, pigs, geese, and goats, nature showed off its elegance and beauty.